Sam Nutec Wendy Houses Cape Town

Sam Nutec Wendy Houses Cape Town

Welcome to Cape Town’s Finest Art Creation

Quality is Pride of Workmanship

Sam Nutec Wendy Houses Cape Town,. We are a niche provider, with services and products based on innovative and best practise in Wendy and Nutec industry standards and systems. We believe in listening and working closely with our clients to provide stress-free solutions for building maintenance and refurbishment projects, that won’t disrupt the day-to-day running of your workplace.

The Wendy house is a preferred structure to have in the backyard mainly because they come in a variety of impressive designs and they are easily customisable. Another advantage of wooden Wendy houses is their mobility, they can be moved anywhere around your garden. There are variety of wooden structures available; the main ones are log cabins and Wendy houses. The cabins resemble a timber home, and can be used as guestrooms, storage facilities and as playhouses for children. Wendy houses have many uses and purposes.

Are you frustrated with your current lifestyle? Strapped for cash, stressed about maintaining a big house, and feeling the need to downsize? With your children leaving home, rooms standing empty, and your landlord refusing to allow any renovation, you aren’t living the life you envisioned. And yet, buying your own property is out of your budget. What are your options if you want to downsize and still enjoy a comfortable lifestyle?

Call us the best in Cape Town

  • Log Homes / Cabins / Nutec
  • Louvre Wood Wendy’s
  • Knotty Pine Wendy’s
  • Wendys Doll / Play Houses
  • We install and repair Electricity and plumpin

The Wendys houses or also called Nutec houses in Cape Town ,SamNutec are manufacturers of Wendys structures of wood, wendy houses in varying sizes to suit the commercial business and  residential. We have been one of the largest and most innovative Cabin houses  producers in Cape Town complexes for Government departments. Samnutec also have custom designed shade and netting structures and ancillary products to create an environment which will not only satisfy our clients but also their product.

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