Cape Town Website Design Service

Custom developed Cape Town website Design Services,  experiences, built for performance.
Affordable payment plans.   Mobile-friendly.   Optimized for Google.

Our websites are designed to earn top rankings,
encourage engagement, and improve conversions.

Each of our website design projects is undertaken with absolute customization for our client’s budget and needs.

Some businesses need a heavy focus on imagery, hundreds of product pages, and a seamless e-commerce experience. Others need content-rich landing pages and optimized conversion funnels for long-term sales.

We have the skills and experience required to build a website tailored to your objectives.

WordPress for Stability, Security & Speed

There’s no doubt that WordPress is one of the most secure and stable platforms on which to build a modern website. With excellent supportendless options through plugins, and superior security, it’s no surprise that VentureBeat reported over 30% of the web now runs on WordPress!

Future-proof your business with a responsive and fast.

Philzy Webhostng Technology only creates SSL secured websites. Google considers HTTPS a ranking factor, and it also makes your site safer for users! A true win-win.

WordPress is also built to be user-friendly. That means you or your team should be able to make adjustments and add content to your new website without any programming skills required! Of course, if you have any issues, our web team provides ongoing web maintenance services.

Future-proof your website. Take back control.

Cape Town Website Design Services

Mobile-Responsive Website Design

Having a mobile responsive website is a basic requirement to doing business online. But many businesses don’t have the time (or in-house talent) to make this a reality.

All of our website design projects are 100% mobile-responsive at launch!

Mobile-friendliness is a well-established Google ranking factor. So in order to earn better search exposure, it’s in your best interest to have a fully responsive website.

Additionally, user-focused design principles improve your chances of turning visitors into customers.

Go mobile-responsive. Improve user-experience.


We Believe in the Power of SEO

SEO is absolutely essential to the discovery of your brand online. While there are lots of creative strategies to employ later on, first and foremost your site needs a solid foundation.

In short, SEO is most effective when it’s built into a website’s design. URL structure, content organization, mobile-responsiveness, and page speed all factor into Google’s search algorithm.

We’ve been doing SEO for over 10 years and bring those skills to bear in each of our website design projects.

If you’re already our client, we’ll even continue to improve your existing website’s search presence while we build your new site. No interruption to service, rankings, or traffic!

Built for search visibility. Earn more traffic and leads.

Cape Town Website Design Services

Affordable Payment Plans

We know that the cost of an entirely new website design can be intimidating, no matter the size of your business. After all, it’s commonplace for web design agencies to require up to 50% of the project cost up front.

At Philzy Webhosting Technology, we’ve built our business around the idea that helping small business owners stay within their budgets makes for better relationships. So we have a different option.

With no strings attached, we offer a 6-month payment plan for all website design projects. Our goal is to deliver and launch your new website as soon as possible, while allowing you to amortize the cost over a period of 6 months.

Get your new website live quickly. Amortize the cost.

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